Did heavy rainfall, flooding, or other weather events delay or prevent planting on your farm? Most farmers are familiar with prevented planting as part of their crop insurance coverage. Prevented planting is the failure to plant an insured crop with the proper equipment by the final planting date. Prevented planting coverage is available for most crops and covers insurable causes of loss such as floods, hurricanes, or excess precipitation that occurs during the insurance period and prevents other producers from planting, too.

If you are prevented from planting your acreage, you are required to provide a notice of loss to your crop insurance agent within 72 hours after the final planting date if you do not intend or are unable to plant.

Trying to make a decision on delayed or prevented planting? Check out this handy resource guide from USDA RMA for an overview of your options. Before taking action, please remember to contact your trusted ProAg crop insurance agent for more information and proper reporting.

Learn more about prevented planting coverage here.