For the past 20 years, Farm Futures has published a list of the best places to farm in the U.S. based on the financial performance of 3,056 counties. This data uses information from the recently released USDA 2022 Census of Agriculture. Farm Future averages weighted ranks of the ratios on return on assets, profit margins and asset turnover for each county.

Based on formulated calculations, Farm Futures claims these ten locations are currently the best place to farm in the U.S.:

1. Kershaw County, South Carolina
2. Jasper County, Mississippi
3. Smith County, Mississippi
4. Leake County, Mississippi
5. Taliaferro County, Georgia
6. Neshoba County, Mississippi
7. Anson County, North Carolina
8. Wayne County, Mississippi
9. Lawrence County, Mississippi
10. Union Parish, Louisiana

The recognized top place to farm, Kershaw County, South Carolina, has an average farm size of around 175 acres. Crops account for around 3% of sales while the county leads South Carolina in poultry sales and ranked 38th nationally.

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