Ag Chair Thompson is moving ahead with his plans to unveil a draft of the long-delayed farm bill and hold a committee markup by Memorial Day.

Lawmakers have been locked in a deep impasse over key nutrition, climate and farm safety net funding for over a year.

Unless Republicans can secure significant Democratic support, a farm bill won’t pass on the House floor this year.

Ag Chair Thompson is also pursuing a potentially “slimmed down version” of the EATS Act in his farm bill draft. He has only a few weeks to find a compromise on the issue that has divided GOP lawmakers and sparked intense lobbying from animal welfare and other interests.

In other news, there is speculation that Sid Miller is a leading prospect for the top post at the USDA under a Trump administration. Other prospects for the post include Kip Tom, Trump’s former ambassador to the U.N. Agencies for Food and Agriculture and Nebraska’s Ag Director Sherry Vinton.

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