After recently petitioning the EPA for the year-round sale of E15 with seven other U.S. governors, Iowa Governor (R) Kim Reynolds signed into law legislation the expanded access to E15 and biofuels within the state by 2026. With gas prices continuing to rise and no relief in sight, this new law will help provide more options for Iowans at the pump, saving an average of $0.10/gal. The law also provides additional and sustainable long-term opportunities for farmers.

While Iowa leads the way as the first state, the hope is the new law will spur additional states to take action as well.

Statement from Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds:

“Iowa’s biofuel production powers our economy and fuels the world, and this historic bill sets the stage for the single largest expansion of biofuels in our state’s history. We’re sending a message that can’t be ignored: America’s energy is growing right here in Iowa’s fields.”

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