This year, critical policy decisions will be made on Capitol Hill directly impacting farmer profitability, according to ProFarmer analyst Jim Wiesemeyer’s crystal ball. Growers should keep these four issues in mind throughout the year:

1. Crop insurance
There are signals that a new insurance option could be coming down the pipeline for 2024 pertaining to a variation of margin protection.

2. New farm bill
The U.S. Senate analysts expect a new farm bill by the August recess, but it’s anyone’s guess how quickly the House will keep it moving. Early 2023 conversations by incoming House Agriculture Committee Chairman G.T. Thomson, R-Pa., will help set this expectation and timeline.

3. Trade policy
Mexico is top of mind with a recent delay to the country’s goal to ban imports of GMO corn. Trade policy experts say this issue is likely to be worked out. But if not, it will be challenged via the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement. There are also discussions to be held on new trade agreements and the China market.

4. Immigration reform
While labor has remained a hot topic in the ag world, the conversation falls under the more prominent issue of immigration. In a split Congress, immigration reform could stay in a deadlock. However, a compromise in early 2023 could be reached.

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