Even with a 2% bump in California orange crop expectations, the January USDA crop production report still showed lower supply and higher prices across the board for citrus. Data from mid-January found U.S fob prices for oranges were up 11% from a year ago ($22.97 from $20.61 in 2021). Grapefruit prices followed a similar trend up 18% over the same period a year ago, at $22.20 per carton compared to $18.79 in 2021.

The January report showed a 2% production bump in the previous U.S. all orange forecast, but still down 11% from the final 2020-2021 utilization. Florida ranks 16% down from last season, with Texas down 62% and California also down 5%. With the industry already feeling the effects of current issues from the supply chain, labor and drought, growers are hoping to alleviate some of the pressure through avenues by pushing for a more sustainable groundwater management plan, as well as other regulatory pressures.

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