Onion pamphlet coverShipping point prices for onions are surging above price levels from a year ago, in part due to lower yields from the Northwest onion crop caused by extended heat during the growing season. Demand has also remained steady amidst Salmonella-linked safety recalls in Mexico, causing only a minor drop in pricing and sales over the past few weeks. Domestic shipments for the week of October 24th were down 22% over prior year.

Average October Idaho-eastern Oregon shipping prices for 50-pound sacks of onions rose across the board through October, including:

• Jumbo yellow onions at $14-15 on average, up from $6-6.50 prior year.
• Yellow onion at $14.50 on average, up from $8.33 prior year.
• Red onions (25-pound sacks) at $14.25, up from $8.50 prior year.

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