The U.S. dairy industry has long been at odds with plant-based beverages using the term “milk.” One giant retail coffee shop announced the removal of coconut milk from its stores in 2024, a move applauded by dairy interests. Dunkin’ Donuts operates more than 9,500 locations across 42 states and Washington, D.C. It offers an assortment of beverages featuring coffee and non-coffee drinks, including plant-based milk alternatives such as oat, soy and, formerly, coconut.

The chain did not share why coconut milk was removed, but it is worth noting that coconut-derived liquid is among the most expensive of the already-costly plant-based alternatives. Coconut milk has also proven to be less popular than other options. To help offset the added cost, Dunkin’ passes the charge on to customers in the form of an upcharge for non-dairy milk sales.

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