Corn field with example of precision data overlaidA couple of months after Deere & Co. announced a satellite connectivity deal with SpaceX’s Starlink network, CNH unveiled a partnership with Intelsat. Providing the most remote farms with internet connectivity will allow farmers to access a suite of tools that will drive efficiency.

Connectivity allows the use of precision ag tools and is a building block for future autonomy. Satellite connectivity can transform your combine or tractor into a Wi-Fi hotspot that allows the use of a wide range of additional connected tools.

CNH plans to start with its service in Brazil, where high-speed internet access is currently only available on approximately 19% of farmland. Then, the service will be rolled out in the U.S. and other markets. CNH hopes the service will provide more consistent connectivity in places like the Southeast U.S., where hilly terrain leads to spotty internet.

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