South Dakota native Marcia Bunger has been appointed by the Biden Administration to serve as the Administrator for the USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA). Bringing over 25 years of USDA Farm Agency Service Agency experience, Bunger will lead RMA at a critical time for U.S. farmers and ranchers as she oversees the development and implementation of crop insurance policies. Her role will also address the ongoing importance of education by providing relevant risk management and crop insurance tools for today’s agricultural risk management.

“I am humbled to be appointed as USDA’s Risk Management Agency Administrator for the Biden Administration. I was appointed through President Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ model, where I submitted my desire to continue to serve the farmers and ranchers of the greatest and safest food-producing nation in the world,” said Bunger.

Read more about Administrator Bunger’s appointment and responsibilities here, and the full USDA release here.