More corn and wheat acres are slated for this growing season, according to Ag Access survey data. Nearly 400 respondents said they planned to dedicate 27% more acres to corn and 32% to wheat. Meanwhile, soybeans aren’t seeing a decline. 17% of respondents said they’re increasing their soybean acres by 17%.

The data corresponds with USDA’s annual Agricultural Outlook Forum projections. The agency predicted corn at 91 million acres (up from 88.6 in 2022), wheat at 49.5 million up from 45.7 in 2022), and soybeans unchanged. Wheat acres continue to climb in response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, contributing to tight supplies and high prices.

Farmers were also surveyed on their biggest concerns. Growers answered with the following:

1. 93% said high input costs.
2. 69% said market volatility.
3. 60% said operation costs.
4. 27% said input availability and shortages.
5. 24% said equipment parts and machine availability.
6. 16% said worker or labor shortages.

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