Home > News > More States to Consider E30 for Non-Flex-Fuel Vehicles in New Legislation

In August of last year, several lawmakers backed the Next Generation Fuel Act of 2021, which aims to promote low-carbon, high-octane fuels. Currently in the introduction phase in the U.S. House, various Senators have moved to introduce the same bill this week, citing unstable gas prices and inflation impacting consumers.

The move in the Senate comes after the University of Nebraska-Lincoln published a study on the use of E30 in non-flex fuel vehicles. Results showed that if 10% of Nebraska’s non-flex fuel vehicles switched from E10 to E30, carbon dioxide emissions would decrease by 64,000 tons per year. The ethanol industry throughout the Midwest echoes the numbers, and views the report as a call to action to mobile legislation such as the Next Generation Fuel Act.

Read more on the ethanol study and biofuels-focused legislation here.


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