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Chili peppers sorted for inspectionNASA scientists are currently working to produce fresh vegetables in space. “Thrive in Space” trials began in 2016 and are getting closer to the association’s goal of being able to grow, harvest and eat fresh lettuce, tomato and pepper seeds in space. The experiment will support astronauts on long-duration space travel missions with higher-quality nutrition.

NASA announced recently that a trial successfully grew and harvested chili peppers from seeds. The seeds were planted in one of the three plant growth chambers located in an orbiting laboratory where astronauts raise crops. The peppers grew for four months before astronauts harvested small but high-quality chilies. What did they use the fresh produce for? Zesty, fresh salsa on tacos, of course. Feeding astronauts is easier with the help of fresh, colorful crops – and the occasional Taco Tuesday.

Read more on the ways NASA is growing vegetables in space here.


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