Young Duroc Pig Herd Grazing On Farm Field Summertime

With consumers becoming more conscious behind where their food comes from, the pork industry is taking a taking a page out of the beef playbook with a new program. The National Swine Registry (NSR) will soon be rolling out the Certified DUROC Pork (CDP) program, the first associated-based brand pork program of its kind, which will help consumers understand where their Duroc cuts are coming from. Along with providing consumer transparency, the program is hopeful it will instill confidence in customers knowing the quality of pork they’re purchasing, similar to the Certified Angus Beef program.

From NSR CEO Clay Zwilling:

“(With this program) We’re focusing on how we can tell the story of Duroc from a standpoint of pork quality, making sure we deliver a quality-based product, and talking about the importance of utilizing Duroc genetics to enhance the consumer experience.”

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