Coronavirus COVID-19 virus modelCongress voted Monday to approve another round of COVID-19 aid to provide $900 billion in payments to those adversely affected by the pandemic, including farmers. Of the total amount approved by large margin in both chambers of Congress, $11.2 billion is earmarked for USDA to distribute to farmers and other members of the ag supply chain, including dairy farmers, smaller livestock processors and state animal health workers and ag departments. Five billion dollars is also designated to provide payments of $20/acre to all commodity crop farmers, with $1 billion specifically for beef, dairy and poultry producers who were forced to euthanize livestock because of the pandemic’s disruptions to their supply chains. Specialty crop producers will also take a share of $225 million in supplemental payments. Food security also make up a share of the new round of aid, with $1.5 billion designated for food purchases, likely made under the USDA Farmers to Families Food Box program. See more about the new round of COVID-19 aid.