Closeup of United States Capital buildingThe incoming House Agriculture Committee Chair plans to invigorate processes for a renewed focus on several key agriculture sectors, including crop insurance. As recently announced, Pennsylvania Representative Glenn “GT” Thompson was elected to his eighth term in Congress and has served on the Agriculture Committee for the past two years. With the chance to shape the next farm bill, Thompson has been vocal about key improvements he aims to bring with him to the office in the next Congress. Thompson’s plans include:

>> Adding staff to help support the increased proceedings during a farm bill year
>> Kicking off listening sessions around the country
>> Focusing on improving the low reference prices with commodity programs within the farm bill
>> Finding a way that crop insurance supports farmers with losses rather than relying on Congress to pass new aid programs.
>> Continuing efforts to reduce farm input costs and barriers to domestic production, a bill he introduced last summer
>> Strengthening rural broadband efforts beyond the current piecemeal fashion

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