This season’s slow start to planting has progressed to potential prevent-plant acres for the northern Corn Belt growers. Much of the Midwest saw warmer temperatures and raced to get acres in while possible. But South Dakota, Minnesota and North Dakota growers haven’t quite gotten lucky. One South Dakota farmer reports soil temperatures in the low 30s, with little sun and more rain on the horizon. Coupled with the severe derecho that wreaked havoc on many farmers in the area, growers have more obstacles than just the weather and supply chain issues.

USDA estimates 49% of the nation’s corn crop is in the ground, a 27-point jump in one week, but 18 points behind the five-year average and a whopping 45 points behind last year’s near-record planting pace. USDA estimates roughly 2 million acres of prevented planting, right on target with the previous year’s number. Estimates say that number could increase by mid-June if the weather doesn’t cooperate in the northern Corn Belt.

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