Aerial Corn Soybeans SunsetTwo tracts of farmland in Sioux County, Iowa, were sold this week for a near-record $29,600 per acre. The amount comes close to the record set in November of 2022 for $30,000 per acre. A total of 117 acres of prime farmland near Sioux Center and Orange City, Iowa, were sold.

The first tract consisted of 40 acres with an average corn suitability rating (CSR) of 99.7, featuring half-mile-long rows. The sellers signed an easement with Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline and the buyers will receive the crop damage payment at closing.

Tract 2 consisted of 77.41 acres with a CSR of 99.1, with half-mile-long roads and the same carbon pipeline easement. Iowa State University Extension Economist Rabail Chandio calls the sale “interesting, but not unexpected.”

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