Oregon State University hosted its first RanchHER program webinar this week for beef cattle producers in the region. Highlighting the work of talented women in the beef industry, the webinar hosted 120 attendees from the U.S., Canada and Brazil. Female speakers presented on different topics related to beef cattle production including reproductive technologies, beef-on-dairy, mineral nutrition and more. Dr. Carla D. Sanford of Dean Farms in Georgia presented on the advances in cattle reproduction, which she says relies on a sound herd plan. She shared that in 2012, only 31% of American ag producers were women. Just 5 years later, that number increased to 36% and now 56% of all operations have at least one woman operator.

Oregon State says their goal is to host a RancHER program annually, either digitally or in a hybrid format.

Read more on the program here and watch the webinar here.