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The February 2020 NCIS board of directors meeting brought a change of leadership to the chairman’s position. Kendall Jones, ProAg, became the sixteenth person to serve as chairman of the association replacing Jim Korin, NAU Country Insurance, who held that position from 2018-2019.

Each year in conjunction with the NCIS annual meeting, the board of directors elects the board chair and two vice chairs for one-year terms. The chair and the other officers must be present members of the board of directors. Consistent with the NCIS bylaws, an officer is prohibited from occupying the same office for more than two consecutive terms, thus it is customary for the elected officers to serve for two, one-year terms. Together with the NCIS president and the immediate past chair of the board, the chair and the two vice chairs comprise the membership of the NCIS executive committee.

Kendall has served as the president and chief executive officer of ProAg since July of 2017. She previously served as executive vice president and COO for eight years.

ProAg is excited to continue to participate in this great trade association which represents the interests of private crop insurance companies.

Source: ProAg


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