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Cold, wet weather in the Northern Plains and in the Midwest is delaying many agricultural producers’ plans to plant or replant. In news releases published on May 27, 2022, and June 1, 2022, the USDA recommends that producers experiencing planting delays to stay in touch with their crop insurance agents, so they are aware of all of the choices available to them. The Federal Crop Insurance Program has several options built in to address late plant and replant situations, and they will continue to monitor the conditions.

North Dakota and South Dakota producers, please access the following hyperlink: https://rma.usda.gov/en/RMALocal/Field-Offices/Regional-Offices/Billings-Montana-Regional-Office-Page/Region-News/2022-News/USDA-Reminds-ND-and-SD-Producers-with-Planting-Delays

Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa producers, please access the following hyperlink: https://rma.usda.gov/en/RMALocal/Field-Offices/Regional-Offices/St-Paul-Minnesota-Regional-Office-Page/Region-News/2022-News/USDA-Reminds-IA-MN-WI-Producers-with-Planting-Delays

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio producers, please access the following hyperlink: https://rma.usda.gov/en/RMALocal/Field-Offices/Regional-Offices/Springfield-Illinois-Regional-Office-Page/Region-News/2022-News/IL-IN-MI-OH-Planting-Delays

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