Home > News > Polar Temperatures Dominate Weather the Next Week; Plains Winter Wheat in Danger

Snow storm in rural AmericaThis time of the year, the snow-water equivalent is a key measure of moisture that will be available for crops moving into the growing season. In the drought-stricken western U.S., those numbers are around 70 to 80% of normal (compared to the Pacific Northwest, where numbers exceeding 100% are common), a sign the drought could hamper early crop growth in that region. Meanwhile, the dominant weather story are crashing temperatures, as low as below zero and single-digits as far south as Oklahoma. Temperatures will sink even further this weekend and into next week, with temperatures sinking well below zero. Though snow cover will help protect the winter wheat crop in the central U.S., that crop — as well as livestock, especially calving cows and newborn calves — will be endangered by the subzero temperatures. Winter weather advisories will be common from West Texas to the Northeast through the next few days. Temperatures will begin moderating next week, but it’s likely to be around this time next week before much of the country sees relief from the polar air. See more from the latest outlook.


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