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A continued forecast of rain and unseasonably low temperatures could mark what could be one of the wettest in more than 30 years for the U.S. Corn Belt. Soil temperatures have remained colder than normal as temperatures struggle to get above 50 for much of the area. Cold, wet weather marked most of April and forecasts point to a similar start to May.

Some farmers took advantage of a brief spell of dry days during the last week in April to get some seeds in the ground, though major corn-producing states like Iowa and Illinois have quite a bit to go to get on track with five-year averages. April was the coldest in four years and the seventh coldest since 1992 or earlier. The current May forecast for the country indicates the seventh-coldest start to May in more than thirty years. The forecast from Weathertrends360 FarmCast boasts a long-range accuracy of 85%.

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