The Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) program has proven to be RMA’s most successful livestock product, covering nearly 30% of milk production, and it has provided critical protection against unexpected decreases in prices due to COVID and other causes. The following changes for the 2022 crop year include:

  • Adding a Class Price Weighting Factor Restricted Value, which in the event that the Class 3 or Class 4 milk price is not published, the Class Price Weighting Factor Restricted Value will allow producers to still purchase the Class Pricing Option by defaulting to the milk price of the published class.
  • Providing more precise state level production and milk yields for Georgia by no longer grouping it with nearby states.
  • Relaxing record requirements by allowing monthly total pounds of milk and milk components (butterfat and protein) to be acceptable instead of daily.
  • Modifying the weekend sales period to end on Sunday at 9 a.m. Central Time.
  • Clarified when the policy will terminate for unpaid premium or other amounts due.
  • Clarified when the producer may seek arbitration.

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