Internet cable being laid in rural AmericaThe SpaceX Starlink satellites have been visible in the southeastern night sky around rural America recently, but those satellites are poised to deliver much more than a unique view in the sky soon. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has green-lighted $886 million from a $9.2 billion FCC fund to subsidize high-speed internet infrastructure development specifically for establishing rural broadband service in vastly underserved rural America. Tactically, the funds will be leveraged to supply broadband to almost 643,000 locations in 35 states in the next 10 years. It’s part of a broader effort involving other companies to deliver high-speed internet access to 5.2 million homes and businesses around the country that lack that kind of service today. The vast majority of systems developed in the effort will comprise gigabit-speed broadband. Learn more about the effort.