A dairy worker in Michigan became the second cow-to-human infection of HPAI (bird flu), according to the Centers for Disease Control. However, the risk to the public remains low. Cow-to-human infection is rare and there have been no reports of human-to-human infection.

While the risk remains low, the USDA is expanding its efforts to prevent the spread of the virus by extending its financial assistance offer to dairy farmers of uninfected herds. They will be eligible for up to $1,500 per farm to develop and implement a biosecurity plan for their herds, up to $2,000 per farm to cover the veterinary costs of collecting samples for the HPAI test, up to $100 per month for the cost of shipping the samples to approved laboratories and $100 for an in-line milk sampler.

To date, HPAI has been confirmed in 52 herds in eight states. The CDC recommends livestock workers wear personal protective equipment, including gloves and face shields.

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