Soy-based asphalt could be coming to a road near you. In partnership with funding from the United Soybean Board, Iowa State University researchers recently launched SoyLei Innovations, which will develop a rejuvenator product made of soybean oil mixed with recycled asphalt.

The mixture changes the molecules in the reused material, triggering a chemical reaction that restores balance in its composition and makes pavement more durable. The result? City governments could reduce paving costs by as much as 80% compared to projects that use new materials. Soy-based asphalt could also be cheaper for rural road projects, as well.

The upcoming Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, will showcase a nearly one-acre test site featuring the breakthrough from Aug 30 to Sept 1. The new product poses a real opportunity for soybean farmers and the soybean oil market.

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