2022 is providing a unique opportunity for everyone to come together to support agriculture. Agweek publisher and general manager Katie Pinke notes that despite just 1.3% of the U.S. population being active farmers, agriculture supports 19 million jobs within the agricultural and food sectors, with 2.6 million jobs being directly on the farm. Pinke further points out that farmers remain a minority voice in America but represent an industry that grows the majority of the food, feed, fuel and fiber Americans rely on. This solidifies the believed but not often acted on stance that agriculture needs spokespeople who can speak up on sustainability, modern agriculture, water quality and more going into 2022. All types of ag practices, including those modern practices that use fewer inputs to produce more, are needed in agriculture and needed to meet growing demand and supply issues in the future. Pinke states that those outside of the 1.3% have just as much ability to support agriculture as the farmer living and breathing it each day. More people representing agriculture through different channels of communication brings results.

So, let’s make 2022 the year of the agvocate.

Let’s stand together for the future of agriculture together, while demonstrating our beliefs and values through active participation locally, regionally and nationally. Read more on agricultural advocacy here.