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Growers in the Northern Plains are encouraged to stay connected with their insurance agents as final planting dates grow near or pass. USDA reminds producers to speak early and often with their crop insurance contacts. The cold and wet spring in the Northwestern Corn Belt means many North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota farmers will need to replant to salvage this year’s planted crop.

Growers unable to plant by the final planting date due to weather may receive a prevented planting payment or a reduced insurance guarantee if planting within the late planting period. Additionally, producers may choose to plant a different crop with a later final planting date while still receiving a partial prevented planting payment. Producers with crop insurance can now hay, graze or chop cover corps at any time and still be qualified for the 100% prevented planting payment, provided specific rules are followed. Staying connected with your crop insurance agent during uncertain planting situations can lead to more efficient insurance processes down the line.

Read more on prevent plant and replanting here. ProAg’s Prevented Planting Questions and Answers brochure can be found here. Contact your trusted ProAg crop insurance agent for your specific scenario.


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