Dr. Dennis Todey, Director of the USDA Midwest Climate Hub, shared on a recent webinar sponsored by the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation that current weather patterns signal excessive summer heat ahead.

The outlook for July, August, and September is for above-average temperatures in virtually the entire country. Areas showing the greatest likelihood for above-average temperatures include the western third of the country, minus a band on the far west coast that includes most of California and the upper New England states.

The precipitation outlook is neutral, except for a two-to-three-states-deep region along the entire eastern seaboard, which models show having a likelihood of above-average precipitation.

Todey said there are strong signals that the U.S. is in a “rapid transition” between a strong “El Nino” weather pattern to an equally prominent “La Nina” pattern, That shift will likely occur sometime between June and August 2024.

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