Last year’s sunflower production amounted to 2.26 billion pounds, down a noticeable 19% from 2022. USDA reports that the average yield per acre was 1,786 pounds, an increase of 30 pounds from 2022. However, the planted area was 22% below the previous year at 1.32 million acres, and subsequently, the harvested area fell 21% to 1.27 million acres.

North Dakota continues to lead the country in sunflower production with a total of 1.12 billion pounds, a 16% decline from 2022 but a yield increase of 77 pounds to 1,998 pounds per acre. South Dakota harvested 817 million pounds, a fall of 25% from 2022. This marks the second consecutive year that acres were down, but yield was higher for oil-type varieties in North Dakota.

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