Agricultural equipment spraying field at sunsetInput prices know no bounds this year, and 2022 is growing more ominous by the week, especially when it comes to herbicide and fertilizer. One Missouri location reported glyphosate prices increased by 100% this year, from $19 to $38 per gallon – and that’s on the lower end. A northeast Iowa location reported an increase of 294%, where farmers who used to pay $17 are now paying upwards of $50 per gallon. An Indiana location saw a 300% increase, to $80 per gallon. Fertilizer prices aren’t being shy, either. One farmer reported paying $1,250 per ton of anhydrous ammonia, where he previously paid $580. These prices are nearing the 2008 highs, but due to the supply crunch now, not the demand issues that were seen then. Read more on input cost predictions for 2022.