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    Beef, Pork Margins Steady Mid-May

    According to data released Friday, the week ending May 13 saw little change for beef packers and cattle feeders, with an average […]

    May 22, 2023
  2. Top Ag News
    Beef, Pork Exports Modestly Higher Amidst Otherwise Shrinking Volume

    USDA weekly sales numbers have been slow at best and disheartening at worst, except for beef and pork in the week ending […]

    May 19, 2023
  3. Top Ag News
    Low Cattle Supplies Could Lead to Beef Imports in Herd Rebuilding Phase

    Domestic demand for U.S. beef products could lead to record beef imports during the next herd rebuilding phase. Import levels in 2015 […]

    May 2, 2023
  4. Top Ag News
    Beef Markets Strong in First Quarter

    As the first quarter for U.S. beef profits come to a close, cattle markets close on a profitable note. Domestic demand remains […]

    March 20, 2023
  5. Top Ag News
    NCBA Calls for Immediate Stop to Brazilian Beef Imports as BSE Cases Rise

    With Brazil’s most recent report of another atypical case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) is calling […]

    March 8, 2023
  6. Top Ag News
    Farm Groups Support Proposed Change to Key Meat Labeling Requirements

    The Biden administration proposed a new rule this week pushing for changes to the “Product of USA” and “Made in the USA” […]

    March 8, 2023
  7. Top Ag News
    Consumers Say Beef is Still ‘What’s for Dinner’

    Domestic beef demand remains strong, according to a recent report from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA). 2022 research shows that despite […]

    February 10, 2023
  8. Top Ag News
    Which Super Bowl Staples Are Actually Less Expensive than a Year Ago?

    Food inflation remains a hot-button issue, sitting at 11.8% for at-home food and 8.3% for food away from home, but don’t let […]

    February 7, 2023
  9. Top Ag News
    17 Cattle States Desperately Need Drought Conditions to Improve

    Extreme drought conditions in much of the U.S. are persisting into the new year. Continuing a significant drought that began in late […]

    January 5, 2023
  10. Top Ag News
    Restaurant Chains Allege Price Fixing in Series of Federal Lawsuits Against Packers

    Several major restaurant chains are filing lawsuits against the nation’s largest beef packers for alleged price fixing. Five or more complaints were […]

    January 2, 2023