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    China Approves First Gene-Edited Soybean

    China has approved a genetically edited soybean for the first time in the country’s history. Developed privately by a biotechnology firm, the […]

    May 5, 2023
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    Soy-Based Concrete Enhancer Could Pave Way for Improved Rural Roads

    Rural road conditions remain unpleasant at best and dangerous at worst for much of the U.S. However, a new soy-based concrete enhancer […]

    April 13, 2023
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    Soybean Oil Paving Way for Sustainable Soy-based Synthetic Grass

    Diversifying and expanding markets for homegrown commodities is a crucial driver to farmer profitability. Soybeans hold unique potential as a protein, an […]

    March 29, 2023
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    USDA Lowers Argentinian, Boosts Brazilian Yield Estimates

    USDA’s Foreign Ag Service (FAS) has significantly reduced its outlook for Argentina’s soybean harvest. Meanwhile, FAS has projected a large crop out […]

    February 2, 2023
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    New and Expanded Soybean Crush Plant to Add 564 Million Bushels of Crush Capacity

    The rush to expand and construct new soybean crushing facilities in 2022 to meet renewable fuel demand will be a crucial driver […]

    December 29, 2022
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    Record Corn Production, Higher Soybean Demand Reported in USDA Outlook

    USDA released its first forecast on the 2022-2023 crops Thursday, placing corn production at record yield but with lower prices for both […]

    February 25, 2022
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    30 Million Tonnes of Soybean Could be Cut from Chinese Import Needs

    China’s Xinhua news agency published commentary on Wednesday that the country could reduce its soybean demand by 30 million tonnes by lowering […]

    February 17, 2022
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    U.S. Soybean Exports to Grow as South American Crop Shrinks

    As South American weather shrinks the country’s soybean crop, opportunities for U.S. soybean exports expand. An estimate from Oil World says combined […]

    January 26, 2022
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    Forecast for U.S. Exports Exceeds 2014’s Record by 8%

    This fiscal year’s U.S. export forecasts are projected at $11.7 billion — nearly 8% more than the 2014 record. High foreign demand […]

    May 28, 2021
  10. Top Ag News
    2021 Biodiesel Tax Credit Receives Bipartisan Support

    Capitol Hill has seen support by both sides of the aisle for the extension of the Biodiesel Tax Credit Extension Act of […]

    May 28, 2021