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Table laid with big Thanksgiving mealThis year’s Thanksgiving dinners will cost U.S. families an average of 20% more than last year. A classic meal for a family of 10 will ring up around $64.05, just under $6.50 per person. The price has climbed consistently, making this year’s cost 36% higher than in 2020. The turkey alone will cost an average of 21% more than last year.

All traditional Thanksgiving staples have risen, except cranberries, which are down 14%. The largest increases are stuffing at 69%, frozen pie crusts at 26%, frozen peas up 23% and dinner rolls at 22% higher. General inflation has hit consumers hard at the grocery store, and has little power in driving profitability for farmers. In 2021, farmers received only eight cents out of every dollar spent on food.

Read more on inflation’s impact on this year’s Thanksgiving dinner here.


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