The EPA proposes to ban almost all uses of acephate-based pesticides commonly used in fruit and vegetable production. The decision is based on public health risks and drinking water assessments last year that recognize acephate as a significant contributor to certain dietary and neurological issues. These include tremors, fatigue and nausea.

Acepate-based pesticides are typically used as a cost-effective way to treat cotton, soybeans, celery, lettuce, peppers and other fruits and vegetables.

The EPA is soliciting public comment on the proposal before issuing an interim decision for the next 60 days as of April 30. The agency is open to alternative options that could address the identified risks. This would allow protections to be put in place faster. The cancellation process for pesticides can take up to five years. Acephate was banned by the European Union more than 20 years ago.

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