A new whitepaper exploring the potential future of agriculture could look like was recently released, titled “The Future of Food Production.” The piece, written by Nate Birk of Farm Journal’s Trust in Food™ social purpose initiative and in partnership with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, highlights what they believe to be the most significant trends to be expected in the industry. The most prominent theme among the trends centered around environmental stewardship efforts. Carbon sequestration, fewer inputs and weather and water challenges will be critical for the food industry.

The full report digs into the top 13 trends, which include:

1. Producing more with less environmental impact
2. Optimization of water use
3. Increased global demand for protein
4. Shorter food supply chain
5. Geographic shifts in production
6. Advanced food traceability helps maintain consumer trust
7. Farmers adjust in response to emission regulation
8. Efforts to decarbonize create adjacent economies
9. Connectivity gap narrows
10. Artificial intelligence enables insights-driven farming
11. Resources pour into cybersecurity
12. Farm ownership models change
13. New business models emerge

View the full report here and read more on the common themes outlined here.