As writer Chris Bennett said, “Hemp is the belle of the crop ball in 2019, with farmers lined up for a chance to dance—but desire does not necessarily translate to know-how.”

AgPro’s website had more than 30 stories about hemp (how to grow it, how to make a profit, how to avoid missteps) posted in 2019. Here are the top 9:

1. How to Grow Hemp for CBD, Seed or Fiber

  • Whether growing for seed, fiber or cannabidiol (CBD), hemp producers share a colossal commonality: They are all learning on the go. Click here to learn more.

2. How to Grow Hemp in Kansas

  • K-State Research and Extension specialists will begin growing and harvesting small, highly controlled plots of industrial hemp at research facilities around the state this year. Click here for details.

3. Hemp Pitfalls and Promise: Alarm Sounded by Midwest Grower

  • After four years of growing experience and a host of invaluable lessons learned, Chris Adams is emerging as a leading hemp producer in the Midwest. Click here for the full story.

4. 41-Acre Kentucky Greenhouse Merges with Hemp Growing Company

  • ColorPoint KY announced on May 30 that it was shifting the country’s sixth largest commercial greenhouse growing operation fully towards hemp production through a partnership with AgTech Scientific in Paris, Ky. Click here to watch a video report.

5. Devil in the Details: Hemp Contracts Crucial as Litigation Jumps

  • In many cases, as growers, seed dealers and processors point fingers or hurl accusations of fraud, failure, theft and breach of contract—one lesson, among many, is increasingly clear: Hemp is a crop unto itself and a solid contract is crucial from the get-go. Click here for the full story.

6. NAICC: Risk Is Most Important Factor In Growing Hemp

  • Removing hemp from the controlled substances list takes the pressure off at the state level for the possibility of growers to turn a once-illegal substance into a potentially profitable cash crop. Click here for the full analysis. 

7. 4 Tips to Navigate the Hemp Gold Rush

  • Here’s what you need to know to protect your investment even as smart leaders work to tame the Wild West hemp marketplace into a new and exciting crop for the family farm. Click here for more.

8. Everything You Need To Know About Hemp

  • AgDay and U.S. Farm Report National Reporter Betsy Jibben shares a comprehensive report on the ins and outs of hemp. Click here to watch the video.

9. Taking the THC Out of Hemp Plants

  • State growers and processors have struggled to keep trace amounts of THC out of natural variations in the plants that produce CBD oil and other products. Click here to learn more. 

Source: Margy Eckelkamp,