Dairy cattle at feedingThe USDA mandated that all dairy cattle must be tested before moving the animals across state lines to curb the spread of HPAI. Measures that go immediately into effect:

  • Before interstate movement, dairy cattle must receive a negative test for the Influenza A virus at an approved National Animal Laboratory Network (NAHLN).
  • Owners of herds that test positive for interstate movement will be required to provide epidemiological information, including movement tracking
  • Dairy cattle moving interstate must adhere to conditions specified by APHIS

In addition, laboratories and state veterinarians must report positive Influenza A nucleic acid detection and positive Influenza A serology diagnostic results in livestock to USDA APHIS.

These measures come after a lab at Ohio State University detected genetic material of the virus in 38% of retail milk samples they tested. The FDA reassured consumers that pasteurized milk is safe. Testing showed the virus is not live, so there is no risk to human health. However, the results indicate that HPAI in the dairy herd is more widespread than what has been reported.

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