Add value to your herd by marketing preconditioned weaned calves or through retained ownership past weaning. Preconditioning includes several practices that add value for both the buyer and the seller. Added value can also stem from:

• Increased resistance to bovine respiratory disease (vaccinated and preconditioned calves can reduce sick pulls by 90%).
• Castrated steers bring $5 – $10/cwt more than bulls.
• Discounts for horned cattle can match or exceed discounts for bull calves.
• Implants can increase gains by 10 to 20%, and for the cost of $2 or less, the added 18 pounds at sale can be worth more than $25.

For spring calves from two to four months of age, now is the time to castrate, dehorn, implant and vaccinate to add value. Read more on value-added weaned calves here.