Could soybean residue serve as a forage supply this winter? Amidst extreme to exceptional drought in most of the U.S. cattle country, winter forage supplies can be hard to come by. And even if a producer has a supply, the cost is not easy on the wallet this winter. Grazing on soybean residue could be a cost-effective method of feeding your herd. Soybean residue has a much different nutrition profile than soybeans themselves.

Empty pods and stems contain just 4 to 6% of CP and the TDN is only 35 to 45%. Soybean leaves are higher in protein at 12%, but they break down quickly and are usually no longer available for consumption after harvest is completed. Soybeans cannot support the nutritional requirements of a dry cow even if some grain is left in the field.

However, grazing soybean residue alongside supplemented high-quality feed could stretch feed resources while ensuring your herd is properly fed.

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