With the bull sale season right around the corner in 2023, producers should consider all options when it comes to buying or leasing. The “best” bull for your herd can look different for every producer. Expected progeny differences (EPD), frame and structure and genetics are all critical to evaluate before making a decision.

Buying bulls tends to be the more standard practice in ranching, particularly for those with large herds who need several bulls each season. A disadvantage to owning a bull is that genetics can be limited, particularly if only a lesser-quality bull fits in the budget. Vigilant herd management is also necessary to ensure a bull does not breed his own daughter in future years.

Leasing bulls may be a more economical option for smaller herds or ones that only need one to two bulls each season. Leasing bulls can also reduce feed costs and improve genetics. However, leasing can also introduce biosecurity threats to your operation.

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