Yellow Bananas hanging in a grocery store aisleAccording to the 2022 Fresh Trends report from The Packer, bananas remain the top fresh commodity purchased by U.S. consumers. Bananas remain one of the few items affordable by all, so income disparities provide little indication on likeliness to purchase. With inflation continuing to rise, the affordable but nutritious option is likely to continue separating itself from the bunch.

Check out a few other interesting stats from the report:

>> Bananas are most popular among those ages 50 and older, 76% of the demographic is estimated to regularly purchase bananas.
>> Shoppers located in the Midwest are most likely overall to grab bananas (71%), compared to the Northeast (63%), the South (60%) and the West (60%). >> Females (70%) outpaced males (55%) for likelihood of purchase.
>> Families with no kids are more likely to purchase the fruit (67%), compared to those with kids (58%).

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