With Thanksgiving as the next holiday on the calendar, it’s the time of year when turkey is on a lot of consumers’ minds. But the market may not quite be ready for the holiday, with tight supplies and rising prices amid continued uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the market has adjusted since the pandemic began, supplies are still lower, with year-over-year production down almost eight percent in October. Cold storage supplies that are normally well-stocked this high-demand time of year are also down almost 12% from a year ago. As a result, consumers could see prices as much as 19% higher than last year when they go to snag their Thanksgiving staple. One remaining wildcard in the equation remains the expected decline in consumers traveling and having large family gatherings; research shows 1/3 of consumers say they won’t take part in normally large family gatherings out of COVID-19 concerns, and that could put demand more in line with declined supply. See more here.