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After a ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline responsible for delivering considerable gasoline supplies from Georgia to the Northeast, operations are still stalled, creating massive angst about rocketing gasoline supply disruptions andGasoline Pump Car resulting price spikes. With the resumption of full capacity still at least days away, there are both growing worries and glimmers of optimism in farm country. For the former, concerns are starting to grow about fuel supplies and prices where farmers still have a lot of fuel-consuming field operations to wrap up and livestock facilities to maintain, some of which require a lot of fuel to stay in operation. But there are a few hopes from the situation; some industry leaders say ethanol could help meet at least a share of the demand void left by the inoperable pipeline. Federal officials said earlier this week that the pipeline cyberattack has yet to cause massive supply shortages despite a few local prices moving higher. Company and government officials say they’re hopeful the pipeline’s operations can resume by the end of this week. Here’s the downside to the situation for farmers, as well as the potential upside for ethanol.


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