Apples in binData from the U.S. Apple Association has revealed a larger-than-normal 2022 U.S. apple crop. Projected at 10.7 billion pounds or 255 million bushels, this year’s projections were 2.7% higher than last year but 3.5% behind the five-year average. The association says its data is more comprehensive than USDA’s, due to looking beyond the top seven apple-producing states.

According to the association, the gala variety is expected to retain the top spot with almost 46 million bushels produced, or around 18% of the U.S. apple market. Other big hitters include red delicious, fuji, Honeycrisp and granny smith. From a trade perspective, the U.S. is maintaining positive trade balances for apples, exporting more than 38.5 million bushels of fresh apples in the last year, and importing just 6.3 million bushels.

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