The Global Food Insecurity Index indicates that the global food environment is deteriorating as food prices keep rising. What does this mean for a future where almost 10 billion people are expected to live on the planet by 2050? In a deep dive into food insecurity, DTN analyzes future trends in crop planting and technology to grow and raise food more efficiently.

U.S. farmers have a crucial role in feeding the world. Grains, feeds, soybeans, livestock products, tree nuts, fruits, vegetables and other vital exports go to countries all over the planet. Increasing this productivity while relying on less land is needed to double ag production over the next 40 years, according to the University of Copenhagen resource economist.

Even so, the economist reports that almost 5 billion acres of farmland and forest have been entirely or partially destroyed in the last 50 years. Continued urbanization and changes to the climate threaten to reduce the number of productive acres further.

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