Farmers market display with various kinds of fruitRecently released trade reports show U.S. fresh and frozen fruit imports keep growing, topping a $16.7 billion valuation over the past 12 months, an 11% YOY increase. Berry imports increased 23%, strawberries up 34%, kiwifruit up 17%, pineapples and citrus up 15%, mangoes up 10% and grapes up 8%. Fresh vegetable imports have also increased, most notably with cabbage (38%), radishes (29%), lettuce (23%), peas (19%), beans (15%), cauliflower (13%), onions (10%), peppers (10%), and cucumbers (9%). On the export side, modest gains were also seen in the same time frame. U.S. fresh fruit exports totaled $4.47 billion in the same time period, up 2%. Meanwhile, berry exports rose 7%, citrus by 5% and apples a modest 2%. Read more on U.S. fruit and vegetable imports and exports.