U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai rejected a petition that called for the protection of Florida growers from unfair trade practices. The petition, filed Sept. 8 under Section 301 of U.S. trade law, stated that Mexico’s “predatory trade policies” are causing Florida’s market share to decline and have weakened Florida’s ag economy over the last two decades. Tai’s office announced its rejection last month, although they agreed that long-term action needs to be taken.

The trade office has since agreed to establish a “private-sector industry advisory panel to recommend measures to promote the competitiveness of producers of seasonal and perishable produce in the southeastern U.S.”. Florida growers state many businesses have shut down over the years due to the failure of the U.S. Commerce Department and the U.S. Trade Representative to enforce rules and regulations. The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas, which represent U.S. importers of Mexican produce, unsurprisingly announced its support of the rejection.

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