Strawberry varieties developed at UC Davis produce nearly 60% of strawberries consumed worldwide. These varieties have resulted in California growing 87% of North American strawberries. Eurosemillas S.A. has served as a master licensee for older UC Davis strawberry varieties in countries outside of the United States. But this relationship is being terminated.

UC Davis contends that Eurosemillas had defaulted on its agreements and the university’s concerns were not addressed. UC Davis is taking steps to provide stability for nurseries and fruit growers during the transition, including access to older UC Davis strawberry varieties. Newer strawberry varieties will be available per licensing agreements with Fresa Fortaleza and Global Plant Genetics.

The university directly licenses strawberry varieties to California nurseries, offering state strawberry growers exclusive access to new varieties for two years and reduced royalty rates to give them a competitive advantage. The university also directly licenses varieties elsewhere in the United States and Canada.

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